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About Us

Our Mission 

Here at Daimyo E- Bike our goal is to help you Join the E-Bike Revolution that is now spreading around the Globe. We design electrical bicycles that help people to unlock their spirit and gain their freedom by being transportable

without which are very expensive to maintain the electric bike combines the convenience of a car with the advantages of a bicycle Just imagine what you can do with the extra money that you save every day. 

The ability to arrive at work on a bike but with little to no sweat, and not worry about traffic or parking. Now that's called Freedom!


Our Story

However, wondered what turns trends into revolutions the more worldwide revolutions.

Always wanted to make a change In your life that will do you good and at the same time will help the environment.

That is the idea behind our story. once you ride our Ebike, that is how you Will feel, whether you pedal or use the throttle.

you will always know that you are doing something good for the environment, and as more people will join the greater impact it will make.

we have also made it scalable so you can choose your configuration and price.


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