What is a city e-bike?
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City e-bike refers to a personal transportation vehicle which uses batteries as auxiliary energy and on the basis of ordinary bicycles, equipped with electromotor, controller, battery, turning handle and other control components and display instrument system.

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The initial stage of city e-bikes also known as the early experimental production stage of city e-bike. In terms of time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. In this stage, the key technologies of four major components of city e-bike, motor, battery, charger and controller are explored and studied. In terms of R&D and production, mainly by the spontaneous gathering of information, tracking technology, organizing market observation, small batches of market trial delivery, the city e-bike began to enter the vision of consumers, and gradually accepted by them. From a technical point of view, early city e-bike could only travel about 30 kilometers at a time when new batteries were charged. Their battery life was short, their climbing ability was poor, and they were easy to wear and tear, and their motors also had brush toothless motors. However, the accumulation of this period has laid the foundation for the scale of industrialization in talent, technology and product development.

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