How to buy a 500W Ebike
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How to buy a 500W Ebike

With the continuous development of electric bicycle market, more and more consumers choose 500w ebike as a means of transportation, 500w ebike has become an indispensable part of ordinary people's life. Electric bicycles are generally divided into two categories, one is the "zero-start Electric Bicycle", generally referred to as the electric bicycle, this kind of electric bicycle despite the pedal function but can be completely by electric riding. There is also an "intelligent electric bicycle" , this intelligent 500w ebike can not be fully electric riding, is the need to ride a human-powered electric bicycle, generally for one-to-one power that man-machine equivalence. Consumers should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing E-BIKES:

How to buy a 500W Ebike

1. Easy to ride, easy to ride.

2. Stable quality, safe and reliable.

3. Fit your size to your body.

4. Style, color and price.

5. each fastening screw nut should be screwed tight, not loose and fall off.

6. the rotating parts should be flexible operation, there should be no stuck, stiff phenomenon. Such as: Lifting the wheel before and after the wheel should be flexible rotation, and should not appear larger left and right wobble and up and down jump, lifting the wheel will stop when the wheel should be able to do before and after a lively wobble, should not suddenly stop turning. Handlebar left and right rotation should be flexible, pedal axis and crank should be tight, between each other must not be loose, and rotation flexibility.

7. Gear shift: The gear shift vehicle should have the correct gear shift within the range of the gear shift, the position of the gear shift should be clear, and there should be no gap in the middle.

8. The chain should be tight and flexible. HAND FORWARD AND REVERSE ROTATION CRANK SPROCKET, chain operation is flexible, shall not jump and fall off the phenomenon.

9. Saddle Parts: hold the front and rear parts of the saddle with both hands. Press the front end of the saddle with one hand. The front end of the saddle must not collapse. Turn the saddle horizontally with both hands. The saddle should not be turned either.

10. Brake and brake system selection: both hands hold handlebars, respectively, left and right brake while pushing and pulling the bike, the wheel should not turn; release the handle, the brake system should be able to quickly reset.

11. The surface of each part should be clean, no stain, rust, trademark decals should be complete, clear, no sharp edge burr, such as mud plate and chain cover edge whether there is a feeling of rowing, brake and other steel rope end installed with protective cover, etc. .

12. Observe the brand or label of the component. In general, good parts are marked with a clear trademark mark and the pattern is clear and exquisite.

13, all parts of the switch action sensitive and reliable.

14. Smooth and reliable speed control. Slowly rotating speed control handle, motor should be followed by smooth start, accelerate no abnormal noise, release the handle, the handle can be quickly reset, motor deceleration uniform.

15. Brakes are quick and reliable. Turn speed control handle, motor running, pinch brake, motor can immediately power off, if there is power display, you can see the voltage display back to zero.

16. Batteries are easy to disassemble and assemble. The Lead acid battery weighs 13.5 kg and is dismantled and assembled daily, so the position of the battery must be suitable for your size. In addition, when carrying the battery, do not touch the battery contact with metal objects such as hands or keys to avoid the risk of short circuit.

17. The mark of the production license shall be verified, and the unlicensed product shall not be purchased.

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