How mini e bike can get a head start on new energy strategy?
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How mini e bike can get a head start on new energy strategy

In the "twelfth five-year plan" of the seven strategic emerging industries, new energy vehicles is one of them. And the battery is the main power source of the new energy vehicle and the electric bicycle, is its key component. The data show that at present, the mini e bike battery has accounted for 37% of the total output of lead-acid battery and 33% of the vehicle start-up battery. It can be said that the development of batteries is related to the achievement of the new energy strategic goal, and has been hailed as the engine of the new energy development, in the "Twelfth five-year" strategic planning occupies an important position.

How mini e bike can get a head start on new energy strategy

In recent years, the mini e bike market has developed rapidly, especially stimulated by the policy of sending electric bicycles to the countryside. The popularity of the mini e bike market has greatly increased, and the battery consumption of electric bicycles has surpassed that of car batteries. Han Zuoliang, president of the China Battery Industry Association, also said that with the improvement of the People's economic level, especially the demand for electric bicycles and batteries in low-carbon life will continue to grow rapidly, and the mini e bike market has a good prospect.

The mini e bike market is bright, but the development of the battery, its core component, has been stymied. Consumer complaints on electric bicycles in many places show that last year, the number of complaints on electric bicycles was second only to mobile phones and became a hot consumer complaint. Batteries are one of the main points of complaint against electric bicycles.

Among battery complaints, Short Range driving is a hot topic, and the number of complaints is significantly higher in winter than in summer. However, industry insiders believe that the winter driving distance of mini e bike is a "normal phenomenon" , the current market for most of the electric bicycles sold are using lead-acid batteries, this battery by the outside temperature effect is larger. If the temperature is too high or too low, the storage capacity of the battery will be affected and the driving distance of the vehicle will be shortened accordingly.

Electric car under the country Brand Aucma Electric car in this regard, electric car winter is not far run, but the battery charge is not full. Electric cars have a much lower Lead acid battery saturation at low temperatures. As the charge into the power of less users in use when the range of electric vehicles will be greatly shortened; to the user travel inconvenience.

According to market research, consumers usually take the battery life as the main factor to measure the quality of electric vehicles. Thus, the solution to the short battery life of mini e bike is the key to promote the development of the entire e-bike industry. No doubt, who will solve this problem, who will stand in the industry commanding heights.

It is reported that in order to solve the problem of short driving distance of mini e bike in winter, Aucma relies on the powerful R & D team of "Enterprise Technology Center" , which lasted nearly one year, to develop the "low-temperature navigation enhancement patented technology" for the anti-freezing wall, effectively extended the battery life, greatly improving the low-temperature range of electric vehicles. The experimental results show that under the low temperature of-15 °C, the driving range can be extended by more than 30%.

In this regard, the Chinese Bicycle Association in charge of the successful appearance of "anti-freezing Wall" technology, to fill the gap in the electric bicycle industry at home and abroad, effectively promoting the technical progress of the industry and industrial upgrading. "As a leader in the electric bicycle industry, it has created a miracle, " said Ma Zhongchao, president of the China Bicycle Association

Overall, the competitiveness of developing countries in new energy sources is still relatively weak compared to traditional energy sources, such as the impact of technological and price factors, which, in addition to policy support, also require strong technological innovation by enterprises, such as Aucma Electric Bicycle "anti-freeze wall" technology, to seize the new energy advantage, but also to promote the "twelfth five-year" new energy strategic objectives.

Han Zuoliang, president of the China Battery Industry Association, said the mini e bike is a training ground for electric vehicle batteries, and the development of electric vehicles will also enter a feasible period when electric bicycle technology realizes the short life of batteries, china's new energy development will also enter a period of rapid development.

The mini e bike industry has a bright future. Experts believe that the next three to five years will be the peak period of the surge in demand for electric bicycles, as well as the peak period of the industry reshuffle. Who runs fast in this round of competition, and who can be in a strong position in the industry reshuffle, who can successfully take the express train of New Energy Strategy Development, realize the brand value, and will represent China to show the world the unique value of China's new energy development.

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